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What is Nüwa?

The Chinese goddess of creation: 女娲 Nüwā. According to legend, Nüwa molded mankind out of clay, giving life to Chinese civilization.


Nüwa Hanfu is a Chinese woman owned boutique, established in 2022.

We specialize in finding historically accurate Chinese attire, authentic garments crafted with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Based in Seattle, WA, USA.

月出皎兮, 佼人僚兮

For the Modern Goddess

At Nüwa Hanfu, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating culture.

We aim to build a vibrant community that appreciates and promotes the beauty and diversity of historical fashion.

No matter where you're from or where you're at on your hanfu journey, everyone is welcome to enjoy the luxuries of authentic Chinese attire

Nüwa Hanfu is here to help the modern goddess find the perfect historical attire!

Started and run by Chuyan Wang, also known as @mochihanfu on Tiktok.

Featured on Dazed Magazine and 2023's Dazed 100 List.

After discovering hanfu during lockdowns, Chuyan has dedicated her life to sharing the history behind the garments and making hanfu more accessible for all.

Combining traditional makeup and Chinese myths, Chuyan creates videos for her 630k followers.